EI Coaching

The EI Coaching program is a highly individualized development process. It includes all the aspects of the EI Assessment, and then adds four follow-up thirty minute phone sessions, and an individualized EI development action plan.

The EI action plan allows individuals

  • to acquire insight into themselves
  • to develop new skills
  • to address key issues and challenges in their professional and personal lives.

The model we use – Identify, Use, Understand, and Manage
serves as a template for what we call the Emotional Blueprint for Learning.

The fee for this highly individualized coaching program is
$1, 450.00. It includes all of the above and the book, "The Emotionally Intelligent Manager" by David Caruso, Ph.D

1. Identifying Emotions: the ability to recognize accurately how you and those
around you are feeling.
2. Using Emotions: the ability to generate emotions that can facilitate creative problem-solving, good judgments, responsible
decision-making and the appreciation of multiple points of view.
3. Understanding Emotions: the ability
to understand the causes & consequences of emotions, the transitioning from one
emotion to another, & the complex blend of emotions.
4. Managing Emotions: the ability to manage emotions in your self and in others


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