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"When it comes to Emotional Intelligence, Vince really gets this stuff."

~David Caruso, Ph.D

Dear Vince,

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the MSCEIT test.  I found that this test provided me with an opportunity to recognize and identify my strengths and weaknesses relating to the emotions of my patients and work relationships. In my field, it is important for me to recognize the subtle changes that occur in people’s emotions and attitudes, in order for me to help them.  I found that this test forced me to look at how I am responding to my colleagues in stressful situations or with any issues that arise in the office.

Vince, I learned a lot about myself and things I can improve on.  You were very easy to talk to and you explained every aspect of the results to me in a manner which was thorough and easy to understand.  Since the test, I find myself reflecting on what I’ve learned and I apply it to my daily life. 

I look forward to following up with you in a future coaching session.

Best regards,

R. S, L.Ac
Licensed Acupuncturist






Dear Cecile,

Thank you for all your help with the administration of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).  As an educator of middle school students, the MSCEIT provided me with the opportunity to learn my strengths and weaknesses relating to the identification of emotions and the recognition of problems in others.  I enjoyed how the test brought attention to the informal evaluation of students' emotional needs.  Often, this piece gets lost in the midst of New York State assessments and learning standards. Taking a test that solely focuses on emotional traits was extremely beneficial to me, as well as my students' needs. 

Cecile, I appreciate all of the time you have extended to me before and after the administration of this assessment.  Not only were you knowledgeable in each subject area, you made me feel comfortable in your presence as well.  Each stage was explained to me in friendly terms and your presentation was easy to follow.  You consistently offered positive feedback and made me feel comfortable hearing the results of the test.  Your recommendations were practical and realistic.

Since taking the MSCIET, I have begun using the revealed information to improve my teaching ability.  By knowing my weaknesses and strengths, I have been able to work on each skill more efficiently.  Besides self reflection, I read the resources you gave me and watched the “Life on a Train” video.  This experience with you has truly changed my life as an educator.  I highly recommend all educators, especially administrators, to take the MSCEIT with you.  Your help and knowledge in each subject area
was remarkable.  Thank you for all your help.  I look forward to working with you again.


Reading Specialist




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