EI Solutions Training Seminar

We provide an engaging, stimulating, hands-on program with concrete learning objectives. These are typically full-day programs or can be 2 half-day programs all at your location.

 Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Skill Building: Hands-on exercises, role plays, and case studies to help people learn and practice the four skills of EI in a safe environment.

  • Experiential: A small group activity that demonstrates the importance of emotion in decision making and taking action.

  • EI Blueprint: Participants learn how to analyze a situation that elicited an emotional response: who was involved, what were the circumstances? Then, they work through the EI model, skill by skill.

The fees for the dynamic, interactive, EI Skills Training Seminar are $3,000.00 plus travel expenses (billed at cost), and $50.00 per person for seminar materials.

    The Benefits of EI Coaching and Training

    • Generate and Communicate a Vision
    • Build Effective Teams
    • Problem Solve More Creatively
    • Create Effective Relationships
    • Differentiate between accurate and inaccurate feelings
    • Assume Leadership Roles
    • Manage and Reflect on Emotions

**The truth is emotions are not “left” outside the office door. All good decisions, and all effective actions, are the result of thinking and feeling. Emotional Intelligence is all about leveraging the data of emotions. Emotional Intelligence can be defined as an intelligence, it can be objectively measured, and its skills can be taught.**

“Emotional Intelligence….it can matter more than IQ.” – Daniel Goleman


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